How can we use these life lessons to create a better future for ourselves and our world?

Here are 33 important life lessons you should learn. It was precisely then that I began to understand that all the changes I seek in my life begin first with me. And all the change you're looking for in your life starts with you first. Change the inside and the outside will fall into place.

This little bit of Zen wisdom is more relevant than ever. Enjoy the flavors and textures of your food. Pay attention to the feeling of your bare feet on the wooden floor. Sometimes I absentmindedly pick up my phone to check Facebook and walk from room to room.

Flooding your mind with these distractions consumes mental energy and exhausts your brain capacity for important tasks. Set rules about the use of your device, perform a single task as much as possible, and appreciate the extra energy you have. Read here for more tips on how to reduce noise in your life and use stress to your advantage and how to perform at your best every day. Growing old with your family and friends and reflecting on how much you've lived in life is what life is all about.

A transformative life lesson is that when you're generous with your money, you end up feeling better about yourself. The last life lesson that I am going to leave you today concerns some of the words and thoughts that are repeated in your mind. Now I realize that it's the normal course of life because life isn't a straight line that goes from A to B, it's a canvas of circles and waves, ups and downs, ups and downs. This is a lesson that took me years and years to learn that anything significant in life requires a long-term commitment.

While it's true that life is short, the small moments that make life worth living are in those daily interactions. When you recognize that life is just an experiment, you'll stop kneeling in the face of fear and you'll significantly reduce your chances of living a life full of regret. Journaling is simply the act of reflecting and thinking about certain aspects of your life, and writing them down and translating your thoughts into words can have a profound impact on all areas of your life. Those who find a therapist to help them with thinking management could learn this life lesson a little faster.

You can use these life lessons as a starting point and share your own with others to help prevent people from making the same mistakes. Published in 1960, just two years before his death, the book contains many life lessons that still resonate with us today.