How can we use these life lessons to help us become more mindful of our actions?

However, there are also plenty of opportunities to make mindfulness a way of life. Since ending our addiction to technology is a much bigger task (and a topic for another blog), we need to develop practices in our daily lives to get back to what really matters. While there's nothing better than a good mindfulness meditation, it can sometimes be difficult to do a 20- to 30-minute meditation in our busy lives. Instead, we can create micropractices throughout the day to focus our attention.

The body works without your participation: you breathe automatically, your heart beats continuously, and your bodily functions continue regardless of what you do. But the body constantly sends us messages through the body's sensations. Take a moment and look at your body: what do you notice? Where do you keep the tension? Are you having aches or pains? Do you feel heavy or light? Focusing your attention on your body can help you realign your attention with the present, but it also connects you to the information you need to take better care of your body. For more tips on how to rely on body wisdom, you can check out my new course on how to develop more confidence.