What life lessons have you learned from your faith?

Let's look at ten life lessons we can learn from Jesus. As the Son of God, Jesus taught many things to help us live victoriously. Let's look at ten life lessons we can learn from Jesus. If your tongue is the untamable member of your body, what should you do? The brake on our tongue begins in our hearts, goes to our minds and comes out of our mouths.

A changed heart is a heart refined by the wisdom of God, which is what gives us the right words to say at the right time. But how do we know the difference between divine wisdom and worldly wisdom? James provides us with the criteria for deciphering between the two. Choose the wisdom of God and let what resides in your heart be pure, peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy, good, impartial and sincere. As you seek divine wisdom, your heart changes.

James refers to Elijah, an ordinary man that God used to achieve the extraordinary. In 1 Kings 17, Elijah prayed and God answered, stopping any rain for three years. Pray when you are sad, happy, angry, happy, hurt, or pleased. Confess your weaknesses to a trusted friend who believes in the Bible and ask them to pray.

Confession stops the power of shame, and the prayer of faith heals. You may be normal, but you serve an extraordinary God who longs to rise up within you to do extraordinary things through you. I can have faith that God knows what's best for me. Even if that means that I will have to wait until eternity to fully heal.

Because whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life because of me will find it. As you read these simple lessons from the Bible, I hope they inspire you to draw up your own list of the lessons that God has taught you. A life full of faith requires that we address each of these areas, and James gives us the necessary advice to experience the fullness of an active Christian life.