What life lessons have you learned from your hobbies?

This morning, I was looking for a moment of contemplation. I wanted to read something that would force me to reflect on my life. I released an excellent book called “Hold That Thought” by Ronan Scully. Ronan is originally from my hometown.

He has done a great deal of charitable work over the years and is currently working for an exceptional charity called Self Help Africa. In his book, Ronan offers 52 reflective reflections. These reflections are valuable life lessons that can benefit anyone. They are life lessons that help you connect with the very essence of who you are just by practicing a little personal reflection.

This morning, I opened the book with a story that really shocked me: “I want to talk to the manager.” What the story really taught me was that, whatever you're learning, you're also learning a valuable life lesson. Each of the life lessons offered children the opportunity to develop as pitchers and as people.