How can we use these life lessons to help us make better decisions in our lives?

Take some space to reflect on your mistakes (and successes). You won't learn from your mistakes if you don't take the time to do so. To keep your overconfidence under control, get in the habit of analyzing yourself regularly. Are you 100% sure that you know exactly what you're doing? If so, you may be suffering from overconfidence.

We can be 100% committed to our decision and, at the same time, recognize how much we don't know or control. Will that ensure that you continue to consider other possibilities and seek other perspectives? How about a month from now? How about three years, or even 10 years? We all make mistakes in life. Some mistakes have more consequences than others, but all of them can serve as learning experiences. Even better, reading good books many times is free and can help you learn many important life lessons.

One of the most important life lessons you can learn, which is quite obvious but worth mentioning, is to make progress. It's one of the good life lessons you can also learn about your finances, specifically when it comes to investing. While it may be difficult, it will generate significant benefits for your finances, demonstrating that stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the most valuable life lessons. In general, Leahy advises that, once you've learned the lessons that repentance can teach you, you can set aside unrealistic expectations about what could have been, enjoy life as it is, and start planning for a better future.

One of the most important life lessons you should learn that can affect your finances is to learn not to focus on what others think of you.